Posted 3 months ago

Setting up my new air

Picked up a new MacBook Air yesterday.  Here’s all the tools I’ve had to install to get it working:

Jenkins is installed! Spend some time setting up the right plist to load with launchctl.

NPM is installed! Next, install with -g

  • karma
  • karma-cli
  • grunt-cli
  • jasmine-node
  • Make sure to shrinkwrap to version 1.114.2 because some jack bag checked in a change the fails on reporters.

Check out your list of globally installed packages:

`npm list -g —depth=0`

Now that the environment is set up,  clone and use `npm install` then `grunt` to run tests and coverage reports.

Posted 6 months ago

Advice from an Old Fart


As I sip coffee on this lonely Saturday morning, I want to offer some small bits of advice for those with less, um, experience in life. This is my opinion only - take it for what it’s worth, or don’t. This isn’t complete - these are just some small things popping around my head.

  • Buy whatever…
Posted 1 year ago

A little more detail on yesterday’s work. @goodisasgooddoes did superb work on my trees and bush. #mariosleeve #tattoos #lesbianerotica

Posted 1 year ago

Check out my bush! #mariosleeve #bush

Posted 1 year ago

How I know Harvey is a bottom. #madharvey #schnauzer #bottom

Posted 1 year ago

KEEP REFRIGERATED. #beef #taco #filling

Posted 1 year ago

Matching buns. I don’t even.

Posted 1 year ago

Toby finished my tree! @goodisasgooddoes #mariosleeve #tattoos

Posted 1 year ago

Portland is so hipster, it’s trying to grow its own artisan Internet.

Posted 1 year ago

Wooden sword in one hand, spear in the other. Probably on his way to audition for Olivia Tremor Control.