Posted 1 month ago

Setting up my new air

Picked up a new MacBook Air yesterday.  Here’s all the tools I’ve had to install to get it working:

Jenkins is installed! Spend some time setting up the right plist to load with launchctl.

NPM is installed! Next, install with -g

  • karma
  • karma-cli
  • grunt-cli
  • jasmine-node
  • Make sure to shrinkwrap to version 1.114.2 because some jack bag checked in a change the fails on reporters.

Check out your list of globally installed packages:

`npm list -g —depth=0`

Now that the environment is set up,  clone and use `npm install` then `grunt` to run tests and coverage reports.

Posted 4 months ago

Advice from an Old Fart


As I sip coffee on this lonely Saturday morning, I want to offer some small bits of advice for those with less, um, experience in life. This is my opinion only - take it for what it’s worth, or don’t. This isn’t complete - these are just some small things popping around my head.

  • Buy whatever…
Posted 11 months ago

A little more detail on yesterday’s work. @goodisasgooddoes did superb work on my trees and bush. #mariosleeve #tattoos #lesbianerotica

Posted 11 months ago

Check out my bush! #mariosleeve #bush

Posted 11 months ago

How I know Harvey is a bottom. #madharvey #schnauzer #bottom

Posted 11 months ago

KEEP REFRIGERATED. #beef #taco #filling

Posted 11 months ago

Matching buns. I don’t even.

Posted 11 months ago

Toby finished my tree! @goodisasgooddoes #mariosleeve #tattoos

Posted 11 months ago

Portland is so hipster, it’s trying to grow its own artisan Internet.

Posted 11 months ago

Wooden sword in one hand, spear in the other. Probably on his way to audition for Olivia Tremor Control.